Spa Caliente Candle
Spa Caliente Candle
Spa Caliente Candle
Spa Caliente Candle
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Spa Caliente Candle

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Notes: The colour, crystal sizes, herbal decorations and glitter of the product you will receive will differ slightly from the product shown in the image as it is all handmade and placed by hand.


Rose Gold Tin Size:  D:7.7CM  X  H:6.5CM

  • 230g of Wax = 45-50 Hours

Silver Open Window Tin Size:  D:9.5CM  X  H:6.5CM

  • 350g of Wax = 55-60 Hours


    (Rose Gold Tin) Crystals Infused: Blue Howlite, Small Pyrite Granules

    (Silver Tin) Crystals Infused: Blue Howlite, Obsidian & Small Pyrite Granules


    'Blue Howlite' Properties & Benefits:

    • Blue Howlite is a dyed version of White Howlite and it's a crystal that is greatly known for helping reduce stress, anxiety and anger. It's known to improve communication as blue means it is associated with the Throat Chakra.
    • Howlite provides a warm sense of security that will help you through your day and to also take a more positive outlook.
    • Blue Howlite is a very calming stone. It is known to be an excellent remedy for insomnia and is calming for overactive mind meaning that it can also be used as an aid for meditation.


      'Obsidian' Properties & Benefits:

      • Obsidian is known to be a strongly protective stone and shields against negativity. It's said to block psychic attack and absorb negative energies from the environment.
      • Obsidian is greatly known to draw out mental stress and tension, whilst stimulating growth on all levels and opening new horizons.
      • Obsidian is a very historical crystal that has been used as a good luck charm from ancient times. Obsidian can return negative energy to the earth because it has very strong connection with the mother earth, especially lava. This is the reason why it's a great crystal for protection from evil.


      'Pyrite' Properties & Benefits:

      • Pyrite is known to be a stone of Luck, helping to Attract Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity to the user, via its creative energies of Manifestation, and its encouragement of following one's dreams!
      • Pyrite is said to promote Good Physical Health and Emotional Well-Being!
      • Pyrite is also known as a Powerful Protection stone which Shields and Protects against all forms of negative vibrations. It's said to stimulate the Intellect and Enhances Memory, helping to recall relevant information when needed!


      The Candle's Story/Properties/Benefits:

      This lovely tropical candle is infused with Jasmine and Wild Eucalyptus, making for the perfect Hot Spa - also known as Spa Caliente!

      This Candle is perfect for you to feel at ease and relaxed from your everyday life, worries and/or stress. Whilst it's a calming and soothing candle, it also stimulates your inner creativity, sparking new ideas within you that would be of great benefit - this is due to the crystals, natural dried herbs infused and due to the intention that this candle carries. 

      Whatever it is you'd like to manifest in your current reality, this candle is the soothing boost you need! 

      Are you ready for a Spa Caliente? 


      For More Information On How To Take Care Of Your Candle, Click On This Link!