Frequently Asked Questions

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Are The Tropical Flame Candles Safe To Use?

Yes, you can be reassured that numerous independent and authenticated studies have confirmed that candles are safe to use when burned following manufacturer instructions. We use 100% Organic & Biodegradable Soy-Coconut Wax and not Paraffin (Petroleum Based) Wax. We offer safety guidelines on the bottom of our candles. For further details check our Candle Care page.


Which Product Format Is Best For Me?

To find out more about our different products, visit our Candles Collection page to see the details. If you’re still stuck, our customer service team will be happy to help!


Are The Tropical Flame Candles Compliant With European Regulations?

All our candles comply with European regulations. The wicks of our candles are made of 100% natural fibres and do not contain lead.


How Can I Reduce The Size Of The Flame?

To avoid large flames on your candle, trim the wick of your candle before each new use (using a wick trimmer).


Why Does The Wick Of My Candle Sometimes Form A “Mushroom” Shape?

This can happen if soot accumulates on the wick of your candle. Simply extinguish the candle, cut the wick with a Wick Trimmer and re-light. Visit our Candle Care page for more details.


I Have Sent An Email & Haven't Gotten A Response?

Please allow 24-72 hours for us to get back to you. A lovely Tropical team member will be in contact with you as soon as they can to help with any enquiries you may have.


Can I Reuse My Empty Tin?

If you wish, you can reuse your tin once it is empty. It can be used for a variety of reasons, but should not be used as a candle again, or for storing any food items. We think our tins looks very good as desk accessory holders.


Where Do You Ship To?

We are happy to offer national and international shipping on all orders! Below is a list of all the countries that we ship to:

National: United Kingdom

North America: United States, Canada.


What Packaging Do You Use?

Our stickers and labels are Eco & Vegan printed!

Our packaging materials some of which include things like boxes, shredded paper, cello tape (etc.) are also Eco, Recycled & Recyclable (as much as we can but not all)!


Do You Do Custom Orders?

Yes, we do custom orders for baby showers, weddings, corporate events etc. Get in contact with us to discuss further details at Also, on the email please write on the subject line 'Request For A Custom Order'.