Our Story

Welcome To The Tropical Flame!🌴🔥

The Tropical Flame is a UK business, located specifically in London! The owners behind this brand are mother and daughter - Maria Bettys and Zoraida. Born in Madeira Island, (a Portuguese Island close to the coast of Morocco) they’ve incorporated their origins of being native islanders into this beautiful brand, providing you with a lot of island, beach and holiday vibes!

The Tropical Flame was made to bring you the best quality products in a way that is beneficial not only for you, but for the environment and for our planet too! We want people to see that spirituality doesn't have to be serious all the time and that there's an element of fun and creativity within it. Meanwhile we focus on carrying the spiritual element of healing, positive light energy towards everyone with unique crystal-infused candles, colourful wax melts and more!

What Is The Tropical Flame? ☀️:

We are beyond grateful and proud to be making all natural products for the benefit of our health and the wellbeing of our planet! We are given the opportunity to change how people view spirituality, candles, crystals and much more. Making it a part of everyday life, using the wisdom of a fire element (lighting candles), the element of earth (crystals) and much more! All because that's how it has always been for our Ancestors and how it should continue being for us.

Incorporating crystal infused candles into your everyday life is like a ripple effect - it doesn't seem to be that big of deal, but it can literally change your day for the better, it can inspire you, spark in you creativity and new ideas that can change your life to how you want it to be.

What Is Our Purpose & Who Are We For?:

The Tropical Flame is aimed at all males/females over the age of 18 that shares a passion for candles, crystals, and all things spiritual. Our purpose is to act as a booster, rocket fuelling you towards your dreams and goals, by awakening the fire that may have been lost within you, so we are here to remind you that the world needs YOU, your talents, your gifts, your ideas, your knowledge, your wisdom, your voice, and much more! Healing you is our first step to getting you onto the path that you are meant to be in!

Our Creations:

All of our candles/waxmelt products are 100% Natural and crafted in individual small batches to ensure their quality & consistency! Throughout all our products, we use only the finest natural ingredients in every step of the crafting process. This allows us to offer a unique range of candle/waxmelt products that do not contain any nasties, any parabens and are never, ever tested on animals!
We are Passionate about creating Vegan, Organic and Biodegradable products! From our best-selling candles to our natural smudge sticks, you can rest assured knowing whatever product you buy, it will be a feel-good natural creation and experience, providing calm, relaxing vibes whilst giving you the boost of energy and excitement that you need! 🌍💚

💜Also, we want to thank you all so much for you're interest in our products and for your support, and all the new customers!💜

Thank You All So Much! X ❤️